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Consumer Reports has published its annual customer satisfaction rankings for U.S. mobile networks. The rankings reveal that Verizon customers are happiest, while once again AT&T scored lowest out of the four major carriers.

The rankings are based upon consumer surveys, based upon categories including data network, call quality and customer service. Of course, your mileage will likely vary depending on the networks available where you live, so don't let today's stats dissuade you if you're a happy AT&T customer or a miserable Verizon subscriber.

Are you happy with your mobile carrier? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Consumer Reports


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Consumer Reports rankings: AT&T worst carrier, Verizon best


With the backlash Verizon got with the Galaxy Nexus, can you blame Google for not wanting to go through that again with the N4?

What backlash are you talking about? I've owned a GNex since it's launch day in January, and I don't know of any major issues. The only hiccup was the temporary injunction that prevented its sale, but that doesn't seem relevant.

What? The Delayed Launch? The Massive Delay in updates/Bug Fixes that google had pushed out MONTHS before? This was a bloody disaster.

Then you obviously did not read this website right after the device was released - signal issues and after every major operating system update that didn't arrive to the device in a timely nexus fashion. Do you have Android 4.2.1, without a custom rom? I do and I have the GSM version. Those are the issues

Didn't Verizon also veto NFC payments and Google wallet?

Not to mention even fully functional CDMA phones are at a major disadvantage in functionality due to their inability to even check an airline schedule or send an email while talking on the phone.

Well the handsets I have used, thunderbolt rezound, galaxy s3 and droid razr hd, have no issue doing voice and data simultaneously over 3G. I had an iPhone 5 for two weeks and returned it, one of the reasons being I couldn't get email while on the phone.

It's a good thing that Google didn't want to go through that mess of people not getting their new Nexus on time. They really dodged that bullet this year.

Can't beat Verizon's coverage here in southern California. Customer service is so-so. AT&T has always been dung from what I (continue to) hear and personal experience.

I'm the opposite of what the article says. After I moved to where I am (in Southwest Houston, TX now), I was on Verizon, and the quality went from best to worst. When I spoke to them about this, they told me I was in a dead zone and would allow me out of my contract for no termination fee.

I went to AT&T and couldn't be happier.

AT&T coverage has been great for me as well. I don't get LTE where I live, though their coverage map shows I should, but that's what I have WiFi for anyways. Still rocking the unlimited data plan as well ^_^

In Texas he is most certainly not in the minority. Verizon is barely better than Sprint in most parts of Texas. I switched to Verizon from AT&T in 2010 (I really wanted that Droid X), then had various LTE devices (Bolt, Charge, Nexus). Their LTE coverage was frustrating at best and EVDO is utter junk compared to HSPA+. LTE was in and out on every device around Dallas for me and the handoffs were horrible between EVDO and LTE. Switched back to AT&T in April and have not had a single issue. Like the post stated, it varies by region. In my experience, Verizon is alot like the Cowboys. Alot of hype and alot of suck.

As someone who carries an iPhone 4S on AT&T and a Galaxy S3 on Verizon (At the same time to make sure I have the best coverage possible everywhere I go), I can tell you Verizon on average has better coverage in more places throughout the country. (Including some parts of Texas, but obviously not all). There are areas where AT&T is better, but Verizon is better more often and in more areas than AT&T.

At that matters naught if you live and work or otherwise spend most of your time where Verizon is NOT better.

Sprint was the worst in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and all parts in between. The only time I ever had a problem with Verizon was in Junction, Texas. I had a lot of issues with Junction though and it had nothing to do with cell service.

Another thumbs up for AT&T in Texas. Although I'm sure Verizon is better in a lot of areas, not here. I get 3-4 bars of HSPA on AT&T where I'd normally only get 1-2 bars of 3g/LTE with Verizon. And as others have noted, the LTE/3g handoffs are not generally smooth either.

That being said, AT&T customer support is HORRENDOUS!!! I mean, it's so bad that I would probably go back to using a land line before dealing with them. Fortunately, I'm leeching off of my parents' family plan and paying them $40 a month, so they get to deal with AT&T if there's ever any issues :)

I assure you that you have no idea what you are talking about. Consumer reports is a biased rag and if you read the comments on this and other sites it seems most if not all of the 105+ million at&t users are happy not miserable like consumer restarts reports

Are you familiar with the concept of observer error? When thousands of people have a different experience than you've had, and few share your experience, you're probably the exception. That doesn't mean the poll is biased. It means that your experience is atypical. No need to get all defensive about it. I'd love it if I could be on AT&T.

No he's not, i think this poll IS crap.. where i live in MD AT&T coverage is far better than verizon.. and ive never had an issue with CS

The rankings are based on 63,000 people reporting. Your anecdotal evidence is based on 1. Which one should we trust?

Not necessarily in the Minority, just in the right/wrong place.

AT&T 3G coverage is not as vast as Verizon, but where it exists it is far superior.

If you live in an AT&T area its very good. Yet there are some maddening coverage gaps (pretty much all of upstate NY, as well as Vermont, NH, Maine) even in areas that are heavily populated.

Stay on the Freeways, you will have good AT&T coverage. Take the backroad, and you get EDGE at best.

I drove from Denver to Atlanta with an AT&T phone and a Verizon phone. 20% of the time AT&T data did not work. I ran speed tests every 100 miles, sometimes hspa was slower than vzw evdo.... Several instances where I supposedly had coverage but when tested, it would time out. Verizon ,while slower where it worked(though humorously, it was faster on average thanks to all the false data coverage from AT&T) always worked. Over the entire drive.

I am suprised they didnt try to sell you or give you one of those home Femtocell
booster thingies. Very suprised they let out of a contract.

What kind of gimp ass statement is that? I'm from Chicago and I love Texas. If you would get off the damn computer and get out more, maybe you would like it too =P

You should be seriously slapped for saying that. Do not come down here taking that crap.. little old ladies in Texas can kick your A$$ if you are not polite!

I have been a very happy AT&T customer since Cingular. I couldn't be happier with customer service. They have always taken good care of me. And now that there's LTE in my area, I'm a happy freakin camper.

I couldn't be happier with AT&T either.
VZW does have a better voice network, but AT&T's data network kicks it's butt.
I do not miss VZW 3G at all and as far as the battery sucking LTE you can keep that too. My HSPA+ "faux G" is plenty fast to do everything I need.

I'm very happy with Verizon, best coverage where I live, surrounded by LTE and still have grandfathered unlimited data! I'd be crazy to go somewhere else! :P

I've been on Sprint, TMo and AT&T. I'm happy with AT&T. Coverage where I live is good and customer service has been better than Sprint and TMo. I will not consider Verizon as their coverage isn't any better and their prices are higher.

Reprint- "The rankings are based upon consumer surveys, based upon categories including data network, logo placement on the home button, call quality and customer service."

Long live the home button and signal quality. LOL

"logo placement on the home button"

Please tell me you are joking. (Knowing Consumer Reports, I doubt you are.)

When evaluating different brands of canned peas or frozen TV dinners, CS is the place to go.

But for any technology oriented products run away from those clowns like your hair is on fire.

I sell both of these carriers and I see people leaving Verizon quickly for AT&T. Maybe it is just a Phoenix thing

Their plans are insanely expensive compared to what you would get for the same on at&t. I pay about $150 now on att with a discount but that same plan would run about $220 before discount. My discount isn't big enough that it would make a significant dent in that $70 difference.

It's so crazy to me how Verizon will repeatedly shaft their customers if they can make a quick buck. And then we as consumers turn around and vote them the best carrier.......such a terrible society we live in these days. We happily allow liars to lead us, and retail to shaft us. It's too bad we can't band together and make a positive change. Oh well........guess we'll just deal with the Verizon tattoos when they force them on our faces.

I would love to band together against Verizon not giving us the option to stay with our unlimited plan and get a new phone at a two year contract price. I love Verizon's reception but hate the way they treat their loyal customers, and for this reason I'm looking for other options.

And yet Verizon routinely outranks the other carriers for customer service in survey after survey. Just another confirmation that phone fans do not equal consumers. We're a very odd lot.

I've been with T-Mobile for years. For where I travel and what I do I have zero complaints. Sure I could have a BIT better coverage with Verizon but I'd pay twice as much. No thank you.

Im with you... I love T-mobile. I always have the best service.... and dare I say it... on par with verizon (atleast in Vegas).

I just paid $1,200 in ETF's to leave Verizon and I switched to T-Mobile. I love it and actually get signal in my house now where with Verizon I didn't. Plus my bill is over 50% lower compared to what I was paying on Verizon.

I've been on AT&T in Tampa and Orlando, FL for over a decade. I get great coverage everywhere I go, and I've only ever had to call in maybe 5 times during that time frame. I'd say AT&T is excellent in my area of Florida.

I live in the Maryland (DC area), I have been with AT&T for a very long time and could have switched to any other carrier if I thought they were better than AT&T... so to me AT&T is GREAT. That said I think Verizon has better coverage in rural areas because when I take a road trip with friends on Verizon, they seem to have better coverage than me.

I switched to AT&T from Sprint and am very happy. Their LTE coverage and voice coverage is very good and the store employee was extremely helpful and waived a lot of signup fees. (Sprint in my area is spotty at best and don't get me going about their LTE roll out).

Verizon was an extra $20 a month. I can live without being on the best carrier for $240 a year.

It would take a coming to god moment on Verizon's part for me to go back to them. It's not that they don't have the coverage or such. But a company that will actively look for a way to screw their customers is not a company I want to do business with. Besides with Tmo 30.00 plan i'm a happy camper. Granted the 100 mins talk can be a bugger to work with. Even with that I still come out a boatload cheaper than what ever VZ can offer. Nevermind that I can get the phone I want and not just what they deem I should have for their service. No Thanks i'll pass thank you.

I have at&t and my service has been good. Sure Verizon is great but they also nickel and dime there customers. Can't believe they charge for visual voice mail.

I left Verizon after they held me upside down and tried to shake all of my change out of my pockets. I went to Sprint and I have been extremely satisfied with their customer service. The phones are great also. Unlimited data rules. But the company is constantly raising rates and lying to us about why, so I hate their corporate philosophy.

They don't even give a breakdown of why they're rated that way. So while AT&T is 20 pts worse than Verizon, it doesn't say it's because of X. Coverage also varies a lot by area, so this is mostly useless. Especially since Straight Talk is the number number one prepaid carrier, which uses Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, which carrier was it tested on?

This is shoddy work for Consumer Reports.

They gotta know a little more about this than you think.They been doin this stuff for awhile. They are spot on IMO. VZW has always been best in my area. I have been with them for 15+ years. Does anyone remember Bell Atlantic Mobile?

I'm in the Portland area and I'm moving from Verizon to ATT. We get a bigger discount through work with Ma Bell. Plus I want to get off a CDMA carrier. I'm so sick of the proprietary crap they pull.

I did exactly the opposite. Once I moved out of Portland proper and started living a bit south my reception with ATT was crap. Switched to Verizon and initially I was just excited that I could actually receive phone calls at my house reliably. Now four years later I'm rocking LTE and my neighborhood is STILL a practical dead zone for ATT. Go figure.

I need AT&T to beef up their HSDPA+ network to 42Mbps like T-Mobile, then I'll be ecstatic - other than that service has been fantastic!

How is it that Sprint actually came out ahead of ATT?? Really? They must not have polled anyone in Michigan. Sprint's data speeds are the worst here. More times than not, my UPLOAD speeds are faster than my downloads...which are only slightly faster than dial-up.

Where are you in MI? I'm in Ann Arbor, and my speeds are good... But I've heard a lot of complaints from people around the area.

Fast internet speed isn't what was being tested. It is how happy people are. I am happy with Sprint because their CS is friendly and they have good prices.

True...but for many people, it is hand-in-hand. If they don't have good data speed, they are unhappy.

I agree with you, though...I'm happy with Sprint where I am.

My mom is happy on Sprint because her phone is a slider. That's the type of people Consumer Reports attracts and thus responds to their surveys.

Everywhere I've lived verizon has been the best, so I'm staying with them. Unless Google can get there network up and running and it's worth it to switch I'll be with Verizon.

I really enjoy T-Mobile, but mostly because it is easy to get a plan without Data and buy and international phone outright.

I enjoy my GNEX on Verizon. Faster updates would be nice but look at the bug ridden 4.2 update we were spared. Sometimes slow and steady is good. As long as it gets updated for the next year I am good to go.

I travel Constantly around the West Coast and a few western States during the summer especially. My reception has always been fantastic. Even in parts of the Sierra Nevada mountains where data transfer is near impossible.

Im getting tired of getting throttled by ATT when I have an unlimited data plan.The rep tried to convince me to stop using so much data and i flat out told her that ill use as much as I want cus thats what Im paying for!! Im proud to be on that top 5% of high end users!!!!

Been a very happy T-Mobile customer for years. I also have an account with Verizon and was lucky enough to get in on the unlimited data plan before they dropped it. Saying that, T-Mobile now offers the same exact plan for 30 bucks a month, unheard of today, real unlimited data with no throttling speeds after reaching a certain limit. I will be dropping my Verizon plan once the time limit is up. It's just cost effective to keep Verizon and not pay them to drop me. They want my left leg and arm along with my first born to get out of their locked down contract. The speeds I get on T-Mobile's HSPA+ are much faster than Verizon's LTE, no kidding and these are day time speeds during peak hours. T-Mobile has been getting stronger and faster data speeds, every month or so my speeds just keep increasing. They have been doing allot of work on their Network and it shows. They have been adding the 1900 radio frequency to their Network so anyone with an unlocked phone on that radio will get HSPA speeds. Next year they are talking LTE, this is a very good time to be with T-Mobile, great phones, fast speeds and good customer assistance. Thank You T-Mobile.

I don't know where you live, but I routinely get 30-35 MBps+ on Verizon's LTE and I don't even live in a very large town (~50000 people). And all of the people I know who have LTE phones are getting at least 20-25 MBps. I find it really hard to believe that T-Mobile is getting that with HSPA+ in more than a handful of areas, but more power to you if you are.

yes, reception may be best but in respect to going the extra mile to tear apart wholesome handsets just in order to lock the customers into 20th century CDMA & displaying their logo, in short, relating to their customers as brainless / tasteless money producers, Verizon gets place number one indeed.

I use a T-mobile MVNO with full access to their network and roaming parters

I posted my link but I'm not going to pretend T-mobile has the coverage that Verizon does but for people in urban markets they are great, I used to be a Verizon customer but I got tired of the high prices and then the fact that they took away my subsidized upgrades if I wanted to keep unlimited, Verizon did a lot of damage to my perspective on them with that move.

I went prepaid instead, and the T-mobile network is great for me.
I switched in Solavei in NJ and I couldn't be happier, speeds are very fast and I get an understandable data policy 4GB at 4G speed before throttling.

No throttling or phone calls warning me about disconnections when I hit some unspecified number of bits, I know when I'll be throttled and I don't have to worry about my account being terminated like I did on Straight Talk.

AT&T is too expensive for what they offer, if your going to pay that much for cell service get Verizon and Sprint's data speeds are just awful.

I think it's delusional to rate any one of them higher than the rest. They all try to stick it in and break it off in different ways. There is no lesser evil when it comes to US Cell companies.

I've been with Verizon for almost 10yrs and their network and CS have always been there for me.I can easily see why the average consumer would rate them No.1. Still,being on a CDMA provider,especially one as micro-managed as Verizon, gets old to those of us who want more device choices. It just seems a GSM provider is the only way to grow.

Departed from Sprint to Big Red almost 6 years ago. I've had nothing but exemplary service in store, online, and with the network. I'm happy.

First, learn the difference between "throttled" and "capped."

Throttled is limiting the SPEED of your connection. It's no different than driving out into the middle of nowhere and getting stuck on EDGE (or GPRS!)

Capping is limiting the AMOUNT of data you are allowed to receive for a given time period, either until the end of that period, or by paying for more AMOUNT of data.

AT&T throttles, it doesn't cap. You still have unimited DATA, it's just going through a smaller "pipe" after you get to some arbitrary AMOUNT of data.

AT&T does cap, you may still be on a grandfathered unlimited data plan, but the plans they currently offer and have for 1-2 year now is capped, I think the base plan is 3GB.

You're correct. However, I was responding to wildmangk's post up further. He specifically mentioned his unlimited data plan as being "throttled," which has nothing to do with the "unlimited" in that data plan.

Sorry I wasn't more clear.

They really need to use appropriate terminology for these surveys. Verizon is not the best carrier, it is merely the least bad.

Where I live in the lower Midwest, everything is AT&T, and most of the people I know are happy. You see probably 75% AT&T with the other 25% a mixture of the others.

I have been happy with them for a long time, a few exceptions aside. Coverage is fantastic, speed is very good (still HSPA+ but LTE coming soon). My HSPA+ speeds average 5-10 mbps down, 2 mbps up. Call quality is great, with a few dropped calls here and there, and of course device selection is second to none. Their customer service is hit and miss. (Example: my HTC One X+ had a bad bluetooth radio and the csr was asking if it was a "satellite" problem.)

Not sure who or where CRs polls, but it seems subjective and based more on where you live and work. Major urban areas can be problems for GSM as the signals don't penetrate structures as well, so that could be part of the problem.

I give AT&T an 8.5 out of 10.

I have at&t and live in Northern Kentucky, across from Cincinnati. I have always had great customer service interactions when I have had an issue and the coverage is great! LTE dropped about 2 months ago in my area too. I am on a foundation account which I do get a higher level of customer service and a %20 monthly discount. This might explain my good interactions. I don't see me leaving at&t anytime soon! I do want the DNA, but not bad enough to jump ship. I am happy with my One X+

It looks like about half the people here think the only thing that matters is how fast the data speed are. That's not what is being ranked.

That's what you get on an Android site, a lot of us, myself included.
Never call support, because we can normally diagnose the problem better than those idiots.
Buy our phones online, pay bills online, so we don't have to deal with sales people in the stores.

These surveys count customer service and tech support that the average customer deals with.

Myself and probably quite a few on this site only care about coverage, data speed and data caps or throttling. While the average customer probably has never seen different providers coverage maps, have never run a speed test (though they may notice abnormally slow data like Sprint 3G) and don't really understand caps or throttling, at both Verizon and AT&T I've heard customer representatives say you get X amount of data, which the average user never hits so it's virtually unlimited (BOLD FACED LIES)

So you'll always get a distorted discussion here.

Like movielover76 said, article comments cannot be interpreted as a valid scientific poll. Let's face it: most of us who read AC and other tech sites are not "average" users.

Polls like this one from Consumer Reports, while interesting fodder for discussion, should be kept in perspective. They may or may not be representative of "average users", and their criteria and respective weightings for each may be neither scientific nor valid.

Moreover, we Americans LOVE rankings and lists. So when we see a headline proclaiming, "Verizon Best!" and "AT&T Worst!" we have a natural and sometimes visceral reaction based on our own anecdotal evidence and subjective criteria. Also, the scale and actual distance between final rankings may be less significant than what it may first appear.

Verizon is very good but are soo greedy, they don't care if they screw their loyal customers in the process. Cant get a new phone cause I don't want to loose my unlimited, and for that I will look elsewhere.

I recently switched from Sprint to T-Mobile and I am happy with the T-Mobile speed and phone selections. I got S3s for my wife and I an a flip phone for my mother. We were unhappy with Sprint because they still had not upgraded our system in Dayton, Ohio to 4G. I got a Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint over two years ago assuming they would add 4G, soon!
I never considered AT&T because of their reputation and past experiences. However, I did just ordered a Galaxy Camera and may use them with that but the deal is no contract or month by month.
I also considered Cincinnati Bell but their phone selection is terrible.
I still have Sprint with my Galaxy Tab but the contract is completed in a couple more weeks and then I will be completely off Sprint.

I'm disappointed they didn't mention that while Sprint has a WiMAX legacy network, all their phones from the past year don't support it and are quagmired on their lousy 3G until they get LTE rolled out to more than 4-5 actual metro areas. I know their footprint is larger, but most of the places listed are basically suburbs of existing rollout cities or small towns near existing rollout cities. I just switched to T-mobile because on Sprint during any peak hours I could only get less than .2mbps (thats megaBITS not megaBYTES) on 3g. Data speeds were faster on my 1st gen iPhone on edge 5 years ago...

Not a verizon fan at all here and when the contract expires next fall, I'll be reassigning myself to a different network and hopefully picking up a nice Key Lime Pie phone from...
not sure yet. Not too pleased with HTC, Motorola has been relyable but not to interesting as far as devices, Samsung, meh. Asus devices have had their flaws with me even as well, although typically nice products. Still don't have a GO-TO device.

I am south of PDX and go often to the beach and AT&T reception have being excellent,get LTE all around Portland.

Im happy with Sprint works when i need it i use on avg 20gb a month of data when im on the road so i need the unlimited data. My friend some times tethers off my phone because my Evo lte get better 3g signal then his iphone 4s we are both on sprint but yet he needs to tether off my phone for decent data.I was really makes no since i guess the radio in the iphone really is crap

I am have been on Verizon since the Galaxy Nexus was released and it was only available on Verizon (yeah they got me). I was with T-Mobile for 5 years prior to that. I had unlimited voice and text with them, and 5GB of data before being throttled. I was happy overall with the service in the Providence area, but I came to expect no service outside the city, away from major roads or highways, or deep in malls etc.

The only reason I switched was because at the time I was going to pay about the same for two smartphones with Verizon because they have a nice corporate discount. But with Verizon I was actually getting less because I was only getting 4GB of data per line and 1400 shared minutes and unlimited to 10 friends and family. With Verizon, I do get coverage pretty much everywhere. I can't deny that. Even if I don't get LTE, I get 3G. At worse, if I don't have 3G, I can still make a voice call. With T-Mobile I would flat out get the big X next to signal.. no calls!!

That was before T-Mobile decided to go full blown nutz and drop their unlimited everything plans to dirt cheap and stop throttling. Now I could be saving tons of $$$ if I was on T-Mobile!

So I am locked into Verizon and it doesn't make sense to terminate with them until my ETF drops to something more reasonable. Maybe by then the T-Mobile LTE Nexus 4 will be out...oh wait.. it already is lol.

Had ATT before I jumped to Sprint a couple years back. Was not happy with the pricing and coverage I was getting.

Got to give Sprint their props at least here in Chi-town. Was pretty nasty over the summer with the Network Vision/LTE rollout.

But LTE is lit up and seems to get better week by week. Plus they're the first carrier here in the U.S. to roll out Jellybean on my SIII.

ATT unlimited plan under contract but still on the EDGE network. Almost worthless! Sad part is Verizon is LTE in my area.

Verizon Worthless and T-Horrible should be at the bottom of the rankings. Actually, this article is misleading. Verizon didn't come out on top. They were beaten by a number of smaller carriers - Consumer Cellular, US Cellular and Credo Mobile.

I've always heard good things about US Cellular.It's a shame they're not big enough to be more of an option. Consumer Cellular? Don't they operate Jitterbug?

Verizon coverage sucks where I live. And with the new shared data plan, bill is going to go up from the unlimited plan I've got now. Or buy my phones outright. Or switch carriers.

Sprint's data speeds are terrible where I live. But AT&T (on a newer phone) and Verizon are good. Wish I had Verizon instead, but I also wish I had the money to hop on Verizon. As of right now I cannot afford that and I have WiFi most places so I am usually OK. I can make voice calls and texts send fine, but man, Sprints data is anything but fast. It sprints about as fast as a turtle most places.

You my friend are correct! Here in San Diego, Sprint sucks big time AND no LTE! Missed many calls, roamed too many times and their 3G internet is worse than dial up! I am now a happy AT&T customer with a GS3! I love them!

I love T-Mobile! I also love my Galaxy S III and get great coverage and speed in Lawrence, KS and Kansas City, KS/MO!

I'm beginning to hate AT&T. Their coverage is great where I live and I've never had a problem with customer service, I'm just tired of spending so much money for so little.

I've been a sprint customer for 13+ years and never had any problems, but this past year has been the worst. i have 3 phones a GS3, GS2, and a EVO 3D. and data and cell coverage just sucks on all. i live in nyc and they claim they're upgrading their network here, but if things don't get better by the time my contract is up i'm gone as a customer.

I live in San Diego and had a Evo 3D and a Galaxy Nexus and I can tell you things aren't getting better. I too was a long time customer of Sprint and this past year thinfs got worse. So I left them for ATT. Yeah I'm stuck with ETF but so well worth it. Im happy with ATT.

I worked for U.S. Cellular for almost two years as a Service Technician, and I can say that I absolutely HATE the carrier / manufacturer relationship. Software releases and testing, reporting incidents with phones only to fall on deaf ears at the executive and manufacturer level, etc.

After U.S. Cellular, I worked for a T-Mobile affiliate for a while, but in Dubuque, they only run an EDGE BTS until like Q1 2013, so I figured I wasn't going to stick around for that.

After seeing both worlds, I'm now an AT&T customer. I bought a Galaxy Nexus from the Play store when it dropped to $349, and I've never been happier. I absolutely LOVE that things get addressed quickly. I also have an iPhone 4S that I can just SIM-swap with between the two devices, and I never have issues doing that, it always works.

In a nutshell, what I'm trying to say is:

Let a carrier be a carrier.
Let a manufacturer be a manufacturer.
Do NOT get the carrier involved with software testing, bugfixes, etc.
The carrier should be good at selling / providing service.

CDMA breaks this wonderful harmony, and that my friends, is why a Nexus device should NOT have CDMA or LTE.
A Nexus device should NOT be sold subsidized by a carrier.
Please stop whining about LTE, and about how you can't get one on Verizon.

VZW is way oversubscribed in my market. Data sessions (EVDO & LTE both) and calls regularly fail. We moved to AT&T, and we've had no issues. My CS experience w/AT&T has been leaps and bounds better (in-store and phone-based) than VZW as well.