LG Nexus 5

Pricing mirrors what Sprint is charging for the phone directly 

Best Buy's online store has started listing a "Sprint" Nexus 5, mirroring the same on- and off-contract pricing as the carrier's own store. We're looking at a $149.99 price for signing a new agreement, and $449.99 for the phone with no strings attached. All indications are that this is the exact same "D820" model as listed in the Play Store, which we would expect.

Many of us probably could have guessed that Best Buy was going to jack up the price a bit more, so it's good to see only a $100 premium placed on the phone outside of Google Play. Taking into account that you'll pay about $15 for shipping from the Play Store, it's not too terrible of a deal to pay $85 extra to have it right away — and with Google's own stock dwindling, you may have a better shot at picking one up from Best Buy.

The device is currently listed in both black and white in 16GB capacity on the site, and still has a "Pre-Order" button at this point. We can likely expect it to actually go on sale on November 8th, the same date Sprint is set to sell them.

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Best Buy lists 'Sprint' Nexus 5 for $449 off-contract


$800 wasn't a leaked price, lol, it was straight up on their website. They just changed it within the last hour or so because I've been checking back and forth and it randomly changed.

it's not locked to anything. There is only one North America model of this phone, and they all share the same software and radio. It's unlocked as far as GSM use, and will work on T-Mo, AT&T, Rogers, Telus, Koodoo and Wind — as well as MVNOs

You list other carriers. The Sprint version might have the same hardware but differ in software. One of the iPhones was like that

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If you thinking you going to somehow get it on Verizon, you better off looking for that pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow.

According to everyone it doesn't. Just gotta read the spec sheet and also realize that Verizon won't activate a phone on its network it won't certify.

Hard to believe people need sources for that. Literally no one has given any statement for anyone to doubt that it will happen.

The Nexus 5 is compatible with Verizon bands, it would work on Verizon for voice and sms, its lacking LTE band 13, but has band 4. So it's not that the Nexus don't work with Verizon, its Verizon not wanting to allow to Nexus 5 to be activated in their network.

It won't work with voice, on Verizon, mainly because VoLTE hasn't been turned on yet. Plus, there's no EVDO bands, which Verizon currently uses for voice and 3G. SMS and data would work, but it's honestly not worth the hassle.

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How does it not work with EVDO if it works in sprint. And you you know what EVDO stands for? How would Verizon hey voice to work on EVDO?

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Band 4 is part of VZW AWS Network for advanced LTE, I don't think it has been rolled out yet, and when it does it will ne in limited markets. My phone on vzw uses LTE 14 in St.L, I'm guessing in every market it might be slightly different because 13 seems to be the most common. I never checked when I'm abroad in the US but will now.

Can't wait for the qualcomm antenna that will support all bands with a single antenna and would be perfect if and when all carriers are volte. Except a lot of sites are saying even if VZW goes volte, they will still have cdma to fall back on. Which makes sense since most highways in between major populous' are 3g only from my travels, and it would cost billions to install lte antennas and replace 3g just along highways, and wouldn't be much profit for them to do so. Even though it would help customers they could care less about.

Why would you buy it from Worst Buy when all NA Nexuss' are unlocked from Google from only $350?!

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Well you would buy it on contract and save ,money if you were staying with Sprint anyway.

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Actually almost any old phone you have had with Sprint will work on the pay as you go plans. That is one of their marketing features when they advertise their pay as you go plans.

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really? give me a sprint family plan of 5 that's about 200ish. oh wait 60 dollars *5 lines is 300. what am i even saving then?

For a second there I got excited when I glanced at that page, but it looks like the cheapest no-contract smartphone plan is $60 (unless there's some loophole that allows you to use the basic phone plans with the Nexus)...

I'm currently paying $64 (thanks to a 23% discount) for one of their old regular plans so there wouldn't be much of a point in switching... Yeah I'd save $4/month and gain unlimited minutes, but I've got like 750 minutes (400 or 450 base plus a couple hundred from a random upgrade) and I never even use more than 200 thanks to free nights and mobile to mobile...

Plus, even if I'm buying Nexus phones from here on out (assuming that always remains am option), I can easily make up the $48/year difference by just buying a new phone when an upgrade comes up and reselling it. Tho being able to buy an unlocked Nexus on contract for $150 if the timing ever lines up is actually rather appealing.

Sprint's giving people a ton of options despite still sticking to pretty old plan options IMO, they ain't anywhere as flexible as Tmo but they're doing a lot of things right. That being said, I still got my Nexus thru the Play store for $400, just to keep my options open once my contract ends next summer.

Don't know why you say worst buy. Best Buy has been great lately. They price match any local store and most major online stores including Amazon. Not only that but before I stopped renewing my contract best buy was the best place to get a phone. They had the best prices on cell phones.

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WOW! What a god damn joke! Here I was hoping Best Buy wouldn't try to screw their consumers, looks like I made the wrong choice waiting to buy the phone from Google Play. I know that the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet at Best Buy is the same price as the one found on Google Play, so this is a let down. Oh well, I had hoped to use my $200 of Reward Zone credit to buy it.

This is just the sprint price. That doesn't mean all of them will be $449 at best buy.

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Supply and Demand...Get it now for a premium, or wait 6 months and get it at Google Play pricing I'll bet.

That wasn't what I meant mercdroid I know there's only one north american model. But they may offer it later on at the $349 price, right know the n5 is in demand and they are selling it at a premium because of it

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They are not screwing the consumer. Best Buy needs to make a profit, it's called capitalism. It seems most of the younger people today do not understand this. You do not have to purchase from Best Buy.

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Would it be possible to have bestbuy price match it to the play store? Also if I were to buy this would it work for att?

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Id be willing to pay somebody 30-40$ ontop of googles price. Whether it be best buy or a carrier. Since they could stream line shipping in bulk and get them distributed from google for super cheap, and make a decent 20$ profit on each phone (estimating). Sounds logical. And would have been smart for google to arrange such a thing to get this phone in the hands to more people faster.

100$ is pushing it. 150$ the canadian carriers want is way over the top. Wishfull thinking I guess.

Best Buy is simply charging the same price that Sprint is off-contract. And when you factor in Google's shipping costs, this is only $85 mark up. Hard to complain too much — of course we wish it were matching Google Play, but we had to expect that wouldn't happen.

Doing so little? Because it's so easy to run a nationwide set of stores, a supply chain and dozens of employees per store, right?

It's just supply and demand...They had way more N7's at opening than they do N5's...My local BB was stocked to the gills with N7's. Can you go to any store today and get a N5?

Yes, doing so little. They literally buy the phone, hand it to you, plug the MEID into the system, and take $85.

Subscription fees pay for all that other stuff. Stores stay open no matter what phones are sold because they're for more than just hocking devices.

I know all about overhead. I run a small business. If I could do next to nothing for $85 I would. It would be glorious.

I thought they had to:


  • Accept delivery from the supplier.
  • Transport the devices to regional distribution centers
  • Unload and stock them at said regional distribution centers
  • Load them into other trucks as needed for delivery to point of sale.
  • Unload and stock them once delivered to the point of sale.
  • Greet a customer, answer his or her questions, and retrieve the device the customer decides to buy.
  • Set the device up with the carrier.
  • Show the customer how to use it and answer any questions.
  • Provide in-store support after the sale.
  • Process any and all returns for the return period.
  • Act as an intermediary during the warranty period.


Everyone hates Best Buy. Don't buy it there then.

But you pay $400 towards your phone during your 2 year contract. Or cancel right away and pay $350 ETF. That's still $400-450 plus tax. This phone on sprint/BB is not a good deal unless it's free plus a $50 credit. Now I wonder if Amazon will be selling it the same way or Google play price.

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I'm "disappointed, too," but this price shouldn't surprise anyone. Best Buy makes more money selling the phone on a two-year contract than selling it outright. The price still isn't bad, though, for what you're getting and the convenience of it all.

If my order doesn't ship by the 8th, then I may cancel and purchase through Best Buy. At least, I have the option to buy locally, this time around; versus waiting months for Google to re-up their supply (last year).

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Well didn't tmo mark up the n4 like crazy to? Its just the way it is nexus phones are only cheap on Google play

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Initially, yes. But, T-Mobile only marked it up, because it was completely sold out on the Play Store. After Google replenished stock, T-Mobile lowered the price from 520 to 408.

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For some reason I can't reply to your comment. Anyways, that could be what beat buy is doing. And $408 is still a markup on the nexus 4 which was $349 (16gb

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Disagree because you got a "free" $50 wireless charger with the T-Mobile one so it evens out.

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Yup Still waiting for the Nexus 5 ordered via Play Store! I am one of the early members of the 2-3 week, to Leave warehouse, family = (
hopefully it's closer to 2 weeks, rather then the later. But I would still do it the same, if I had to do it over. I would take the wait over the price jump sprint has placed on it.

From Junkie SGIII! Waiting for my Nexus 5 32GB (Black). That from the look of it I will never see !!!

What Andrew said. It's the same price Sprint is charging for it off contact. I doubt if Sprint would even allow Best Buy to sell it any cheaper. Best Buy has agreements with Sprint to sell their phones and services so if you want to complain that it costs more than from Google, blame Sprint not BB

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They still price match amazon. I got a movie last week matched. Unless it's only in certain areas...

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They still price match Amazon. In fact my local store will even price match items that could be the same but are a different names. Only thing they don't price match are phones.

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A friend says they price match Google too. Well we shall see what happens!!!!!!!! Price matched would be awesome.

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Best Buy no longer price matches mobile phones last time I tried...but try it out

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It's true. They no longer do it although they may bring it back for the holidays. But I did hear that if the phone is off contract they consider it a tablet so they may price match.

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Supported Service

Unlocked: Use with any provider that offers service on Nexus 5 supported networks

Carriers: T-Mobile, Sprint

You: that's what's on the google website

*******Christian C: My apologies. I've discussed the issue once again. Sprint does not support unlocked phones and you can activate only those phones that has been locked only for Sprint. The system has the serial number of all the deices that was meant for Sprint. So, if a phone is not in the Sprint system, the system will not recognize that. You can not get that activated by any means.***************

Will Nexus 5 work on T-Mobile if I ordered from Sprint? I have a friend that has a free upgrade and not going to use it so I'm going to take advantage of it.

I'm already on T-Mobile. I hope you're right that it will work. I will of course wait for someone to confirm it.

idk what to do now smh sprint will not activate the google nexus 5 from the playstore!! I will not go to any carrier because sprint is good here in Philadelphia and I already ordered the 32gb version :(

Yes I have seen that but i went to the store today and a rep told me that they will not have any SIM cards for nexus 5 only those that come with the phone provided thru sprint.

Man. Wait til Nov 8. That's when Sprint sells the phone. You could be able to activate it then.

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I did they still did not want to hear it they said because is unlocked and branded that they will not lock by any means. Smh Don't Make Sense!!

What I've found with Sprint is that if you call 5 times with the same question you'll get 5 different answers. I've had many phone reps tell me something is impossible, only to call back three or four times and finally get a phone rep that says "no problem" and does it immediately. Web chat reps and the reps in the stores are the worst for that.

Call back a few more times before giving up. Ask to speak to a supervisor if you need to.

Well, I tried to post the link FROM ANDROID CENTRAL saying you can buy one from GP and activate it on Sprint, but AC says it was spam? (WTF AC?)

I'm pretty sure Phil contacted Sprint for verification.

Just relax and wait until Nov 8. Phone probably isn't in their system to activate until then. Do you even have the phone now?

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No but I don't wanna get something that won't work and go thru the base process of sending it back ! its a hassle and you know it.

I would, but I'm hella' busy at work...It's on yesterday's AC Stories....Sprint has unlocked phones on their network...Look at the HTC One and Samsung S4 developer editions.

1. Sorry about the spam filter, it's gone bat-shit fucking crazy the past couple days with all the commotion.

2. Yes, we talked to Sprint. Officially:

Yes, you can buy a Nexus 5 from Google Play and activate it on Sprint


  • Get your N5.
  • Walk into Sprint store, get LTE SIM and plan.
  • Put SIM in phone and power cycle it.
  • When it reboots, and ID's itself on the network, you'll get a tiny OTA that sets up the profile and PRL.
  • After it reboots, I can be activated no problem.

If Sprint is the network that works for you, you now have something to celebrate about. Having the same phone as everyone else, with the radio firmware and software needed to run built into the ROM (it's there — even in European ones :) ) means same-day OTA. No more bullshit.

Smells like ... freedom.

LTE is based on GSM, which is why a SIM is needed for Sprint phones that are LTE compatible. Sprint phones that don't use LTE don't need SIM cards.

Sprint world phones with GSM (like the Photon 4G and iPhone 4) have always had SIM cards.

All Sprint LTE phones have had a SIM card of some sort, although the early ones were a chip soldered to the motherboard and not a removable SIM card like you are imagining. I believe the iPhone 5 was the first Sprint phone to use a removable SIM card for LTE, and other recent phone like the HTC One have used one as well.

I just hope they don't charge me anything for the SIM, but they're pretty good about this sorta thing...

I've managed to go thru 3 Sprint upgrades so far without even paying the $36 activation fee (which used to be $18), didn't even have to complain to have it waived (which DOES work, even on AT&T), they just never charged it when I did my upgrades thru Wirefly...

Can't remember if I got all three EVOs there, I think so, gonna miss the EVO brand but it seems HTC dropped it anyway.

Has anyone heard if there might be any activation issues on the AT&T network? I'm planning on dropping by the AT&T store Monday at lunch to attempt transfer my VZW mobile # over to a new AT&T account.

Sprint LTE phones have always needed sim cards but most of them (maybe all) until now were soldered in and not removable. They did not have GSM HSPA bands anyway so it didn't matter much.

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Not all of their LTE phones had the SIM sealed in, I think some Samsungs had it accessible, it's nowhere to be seen on my EVO LTE tho. Also, they've actually carried dual band GSM phones in the past that could be used in abroad on GSM networks with the appropriate SIM (Moto something two years ago is the last Android one I remember, tho iPhones and others have also been capable of this).

Nexus 5 is obviously (I think?) the first phone they've ever carried which you could actually take and use on AT&T/Tmo with 3G/LTE and everything. It takes balls to be doing this IMO, from a geek's point of view at least, tho the actual risks are probably relatively small (and calculated).

Most people would either sign a new contract or get it from the Play store because they're already on contract, and that's amongst the tech savvy. The majority of the population probably has no clue the Nexus 5 is kind of unique in this sense, and probably never will unless Google launches a big ad campaign. Might've been worth it if they could've gotten Verizon on board.

paying that much more for a phone you can have cheaper...lame. Most of us are rocking at least the gnex or s3 ...if you cant wait till google ships it to u for 100 buck-ish less...then you have more money to part with than most of us do...

I love it! Wish all the carriers had this! It limits the price the phone on eBay for all those people who bought them with no intention of using it, but rather to sell when they sold out in the Play Store.

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Carriers in Canada charged more for the Nexus 4 than what you could pay for on the Play store, seems they'll be doing the same for the Nexus 5. What sense does this make?

From a marketing and business standpoint, Google is doing a fantastic job.

1. Create a product that starts a nerd stampede.

2. Make just enough of the product to make people crave it even more.

3. Slowly release the product so non-nerds don't try to get it since they will complain about it if they do.

4. Set a low price on the product to get people even more enamored with your BRAND instead of the actual phone and so heavily subsidized that nobody else can actually sell it at that price.

Great job, Google!

Hey guys if you bought the Nexus 5 at Google Play store I just want to let you know that Sprint will indeed honor and activate the phone as Phil stated on a post word has it that Sprint will carry sim card at Local Stores Nov 8th but they will be limited and I also heard they will not carry them either so the best bet to save the hassle I have found the best easy way to get the SIM-CARD and get it delivered to you by Sprint

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. Here is what you need to do to get a SIM mailed to you:
Call 1-888-226-7212
At first voice prompt, Enter your phone number or confirm that you are calling from your phone
Press 2 for "otherwise..."
Press 2 for "International voice or data service"
Then you will go into the call queue and wait for an operator

Explain that you need a SIM card for your new Nexus 5 that you purchased directly from Google mailed to you and that you are unable to visit a store to get one. They couldn't find the Nexus 5 in the system, but they checked with a supervisor and found the same one that will work. They even said it would come via FedEx, but probably wouldn't go out until Monday or Tuesday. All for no charge

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Hey I've heard from a Sprint costumer that he went into 2 different stores and they told him that he would have to resign a 2 year contract to activate the google store nexus 5 idk how accurate this is but will need help researching it if ur up 2 it ?

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