With millions waiting, BlackBerry is poised to try their luck in Google Play once again

If you're still waiting for BBM on Android, you might see it soon. According to BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben, the software should be available for both Android and iOS "in days." He also added that the company is confident that it fixed all the issues surrounding the un-launching last month.

For those who are still interested, we hope the hard work paid off and this time, the launch goes as planned, on-time, and with a lot less drama that we saw three weeks ago

Source: Reuters; Via: CrackBerry


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BBM for Android coming 'in days' says BlackBerry CMO


Right next to the left crack. Not that right.

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Agreed! And we'll see if they can make it happen this time. It's like a meth-head promising that "really...this time I mean it...I'm going clean by the weekend. Really."

Sad to see what that company has become, namely the poster-child for undependability.

I don't see the point, especially now that BB is leaving the consumer market for the greener pastures of the enterprise segment.

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Haha, even as a BlackBerry fan I find it hilarious they haven't listened to keep their mouths shut until they get something out....

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I was very interested. After last month's show of incompetence, I'm much less so. Depending on what Google has in store for Hangouts, I might pass on BBM.

This ^

I really don't care about BBM anymore. I don't think I'll bother installing it to be honest. When it was first announced I had some interest but as above, their complete and utter incompetence has put me right off.

Google know how important it is to get Hangouts right. I really think they are going to deliver with KitKat. If all the rumors are true, SMS integration and possibly more is going to appear, which is ultimately going to set a new benchmark.

Yeah show me and we will talk... Until then STFU

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Then you should be able to take it by now young lady

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Aww.. Did I offend you with my comment? My bad.

Please Sir, could you kindly release the application or could you not converse about its upcoming release if not?

That better? Grow up

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Only in your neighborhood

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The people in my neighborhood still consider me white trash because I have android devices instead of an iPhone & iPad like all of the "classy" people (because people only buy android devices because they can't afford ios and they think we secretly wish we had iPads and iPhones) :-P

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Wow, whaddya know? If you go east, just a few more "mouse" yards, you're at... (wait for it)... CrackBerry!!

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I am Dem not GOP so white trash doesn't apply

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I am Dem not GOP so white trash doesn't apply

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NoNexus says something mildly offensive, so you decide to chastise him (because you're clearly better than he is) and... call him 'white trash'?
Arguably your personal attack says more about your character (or lack thereof) than his rather tepid obscenity.

Hmmm... hypocrite much?

Thank you.

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You encountered a wild and rabid BlackBerry fanboy!!


It was super effective!!

Wild and rabid BlackBerry fanboy fainted!!

And the crowd goes wild!!

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Oh, I get it. If you're not a BlackBerry fanboy, then you're retarded. For the sake of the human race, please grow up.

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Lol, you mention poor manners and then call me a lowlife.

I do love pizza, but, I'm definitely not on the Internet to attack people, simply because they don't prefer my OS of choice.

You came to Android Central posting drivel. Now, you're mad, because no one really shares or cares for your opinion. The fact that you resorted to name-calling proves that Victory is Mine.

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I really love this guy, he just keeps going at people telling them how crass and immature they are while he insults them like some teenage boy who's never been allowed to say something as vulgar as 'boobies'.

Bbm for android? What? Are we texting people in Canada? Why do we need this?

Posted by the man who makes things happen...

We of course need this. This is hell lot better than whatsapp and other wannabe bbm app available out there.

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I was enthusiastic when they were supposed to do the initial launch... now I just don't care!

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This! I was gonna make my whole baseball team download it, but they pissed me off already.....hoping Hangouts becomes the "Bable" we've all been waiting for in the next update!

"Babel" is a translation service. According to Hugo Barra, you will be able to speak into your device, and Babel will translate it into whatever language you like.

Well, let's see how things work out this time, BB. I'm still interested in the app, but wouldn't be surprised if there are more issues that delay the release again.

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Does anyone know where I can download the leak that they'll blame the next snafu on?

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am with you we got 6 now

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Lol, nice. If 6 downloads crash their servers, then they have no reason to even begin to try to release this.

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Lol its been so long i forgot this was suppose to come out on android not even that interested anymore, thanks for the reminder though.

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Not fair you get to swear but I put initials up and I get railed on... Lol

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Downloading for sure. I hope it's the same experience as on BlackBerry. If so it'll be one of the two messaging apps on my device.

Looking to bring that number to one, one day.

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I clicked through and came here just to say this:

Dear BB, keep your BBM to yourself. You're an incompetent bunch of morons who couldn't even deliver a messaging app, one that took over a year to build, on time. I loved BBM but neither me, nor most of my friends who were on it for years, give a hoot any more. Also, a word of advice - keep your stupid mouths shut until you've actually released the crap. Stop embarrassing yourself over and over again. I feel sorry for the brilliant engineers who work (or worked) for you. Your dumbmass, totally incompetent management, full of wankers, has pretty much pissed over all their work for years. No one cares about your stupid BBM any more. Go home.


I wish I could post a picture for you


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And your holier-than-thou attitude while you put down others doesn't make you sound like a hypocrite at all.

I find it surprising that people are always criticising ... shit happens and people do stupid things like release an unofficial app which at the end of the day can cause major issues. Atleast blackberry is keeping to their word! Will see in a couple of days whats up!

Personally I hate blackberry phones however, bbm is awesome

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No, shit doesn't just happen, not when there is a huge team of brains involved that made the proper market studies and polls; shit doesn't just happen when this said team studied the situation for years now (it's not like this is an idea that they had in January and announced it in February); shit doesn't just happen when you already have 60 million users online and 1 single million of new users activating some fucked leaked app rocked the boat. This is not some high school project gone wrong.

They failed horribly at bullet-proofing their product against known evils of today's tech world such as leaks, server flooding and others.

They didn't know the leaked Android app would flood the servers to the crashing point, yet they successfully released the iOS app which was slated for the 23rd and not the 22nd in India, Middle East, Indonesia (I think) and others, AND THE APP HAS BEEN WORKING PERFECTLY FOR THEM, even though they were supposedly suffering severe server crash because of some leaked "not-optimized" BBM for Android that only 1.1 million activated. I personally would love to see how they'll handle the amount of traffic they'll have when the service officially goes live worldwide which I assure you will be much bigger than that single million.

BlackBerry must get their act together and make sure their app doesn't flop now by actually releasing it, they must have us users rest assured that the millions of activations that'll happen in the coming days won't fuck up the servers again, they need assure people that they will get timely updates, they must make sure these updates better put Android and iOS users on the same level of experience as BlackBerry users do ASAP.

To resume, for things like these, shit doesn't just happen... But you're free to choose to believe so.

You are right on the money. I'm still in doubt this app will be released. I bet you it will be leaked again.

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Now watch the Play Store get flooded with fake BBM apps and armies of idiots falling for that.

I'm not gonna discount the usability of this app since it's still widely used and loved in my country (Venezuela) so I might give it a shot. Let's hope they do it right this time.

Ohk now I'm beginning to feel like they are trolling

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Why does anyone need this? Especially with so many generous text plans out there. Just give up already BlackBerry.

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"SMS doesn't do notifications"
Thank you for proving right away that you don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.

British broadcasting company?

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I loved my 9780 and don't like the Z10 after nearly 8 months and am now a happy Android user. Don't care about BBM anymore. They can release it in 1 year and I wouldn't care. Sad but true.

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Not really excited no more. Even after trying the leaked apk, I thought it was gonna be a bad idea anyways. Hangouts/Whatsapp are the way forward!

I'm very curious to see how BBM works on my Android Phone, that's why I'm eagerly waiting for it. I think that BB didn't behave well. I'm almost sure that the famigerate "leaked release" was a mere invention of them, I mean that they had it leaked on purpose, just to see how it worked. Once they understood BBM didn't come up to their expectations, they made up the fairytale of the "leaked version". But this time they must be very very careful and hope to roll out an app perfectly working. If BBM will turn out to be a failure, many people will turn their back on them forever. This time, I have confidence in them!

As Indonesias still stubbornly, heavily using BBM on daily basis, I think I should wait until the app ready. Probably.

This is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. BlackBerry should have licensed (NOT given away) BBM long ago, when there was a decent number of people still using it. Most BlackBerry users have migrated to other platforms and are now using other messaging services. People will try BBM (if ever released) out of curiosity for a couple of weeks, and once the newness wears off and/or they realize none of their friends use it, they will go back to their old messaging service. Then BBM will become another footnote in the history of BlackBerry.

Already know guys were going to try this and now have told me they won't bother. "Not a sucker" one said.

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Nobody cares no more yet they comment and will download when it's released. C'mon now.

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I think they'll be a large number of people who WOULD have downloaded and tried this a month ago, and now are in the "don't care" camp. Blackberry lost an opportunity here with their screw-up. You're kidding yourself if you think everyone that was looking to try this before is suddenly going to have interest again.

People will download it with the same morbid curiosity as driving past a multi-car accident. When they find out BBM is a desolate wasteland with no users, they will go back to their old messaging app.

And so is the circle of life.

I can see that too. I know exactly 0 people that use BBM, so even if I downloaded and "tried it", what would be the point? Can I BBM myself? I can see a conversation between myself and someone I already text.

Me: "Hey I just installed BBM for Android, you should install it and try it!"

Friend: "Can't I already text you with 3-4 apps?"

Me: "Sure, but I've been told that BBM is more secure and reliable!"

Friend: "How many of my messages have you missed in the past?"

Me: "Umm..I dunno"

Friend: "Yeah I'm good thanks"

I lol'd

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I dunno, that security thing would be nice. Don't want the guvmint listening in on my sexting with my wife.

I dont understand why we need so many messaging apps on our devices these days....Its kinda silly and overkill. Or maybe I'm missing something....

Android Central. It's time comments that have no bearing to the post be deleted. We are not here to read some little girls quarrels

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I was about the respond with the same response,
not only the same idea, but the same exact words.

Their aren't enough blackberry users out there to make this matter.
Who needs another messaging client? we need another one like we need a whole in the head at this point.

Maybe not in the U.S. I know i can't wait because I have family and friends in Brazil and its get expensive for us texting and phone. We tried the email thing but that didn't work out. People have to remember its not about here but about users all over the world.

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You're right, it's not about the US. Which is why it's worth mentioning that BB adoption is less than 4% globally and falling.

It's not about BlackBerry adoption. It's about a top-notch message service that has 60 million users on one platform alone.

Let's see what happens when it rolls out to Andriod and iOS.

If they can implement the video chat and calling by the end of the year, this could take off.

BBM video is way better than Skype. A very smooth uninterrupted connection. Try it and see for yourself. That is if you know someone with a BlackBerry10 device :/

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For all you say "It's not about Blackberry adoption", it IS, actually. You have to use BBM to communicate with someone else who uses BBM. Right now the only folks using BBM are BB users, of whom there are comparatively very few. To convert other users, they need two things.
1. A Reason to switch. - What does BBM do that users really care about that other apps don't? Nothing really. If a message gets to me a second or a second and a half slower, do I really care (assuming it actually is faster once they go multiplatform and lose hardware integration)? Nope. Security? Pffff, these are IM's, not Top Secret comuniques!
2. People to communicate with - If they don't know other people who use BBM, why would they switch? Even if I was madly in love with BBM, nobody I know is going to make the switch. Whatsapp has 300 million active users. Hangouts/Gtalk is on EVERY Android phone and built into every Gmail account.
3. Desktop integration - Yes I said two things, this isn't a conversion point, but it is important. There's no desktop integration for BBM. If it does come, it will probably be an application that needs to be installed on each computer. With Hangouts, I have Gmail open all day anyhow, I just flip to a browser window that's already open. Any browser on any computer.

You mentioned video calling, which to me is a niche product. I'm not a fan of Skype, I do very little video calling. In fact I would say that most people do very little video calling, so video calling isn't really a feature most folks care about all that much (though the vid conferencing in Hangouts is great, especially the ability to publish it to Youtube for sharing).

IF they can implement video calling by the end of the year (and that's a big IF), do you know what BBM will be then? It will be just another platform that has video calling. Hangouts does it. Skype does it. Even Yahoo does it. Those are platforms that people are heavily invested in, with lots of contacts and little to no incentive to change.

Two years ago BB and BBM might have been able to stand out from the crowd. Now, the only thing they have going for them is the brand name, and to many folks that brand name is either synonymous with stuffy old guys in suits or with a dead platform that failed to keep up.

Maybe not in the U.S. I know i can't wait because I have family and friends in Brazil and its get expensive for us texting and phone. We tried the email thing but that didn't work out. People have to remember its not about here but about users all over the world.

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Seems to be now or never. Kit Kat is right around the corner along with its new, not yet revealed messaging. Seems like with all the Android devices out there, Google will have one helluva SMS community.

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I will still download it. But I think the hype got destroyed like the launch

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This is why I hate BB comments on Android central. Never can get tech talk...just a bunch of hate

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Gosh, why would people be skeptical of an app that doesn't do anything special, had a failed launch, and is being offered by a company that is pretty much the epitome of mismanagement in the smartphone world right now (since Palm is dead)?
Especially when it brings all these BBM cheerleaders with it!

Blackberry (with the help of their rabid fanboys) brought it on themselves.

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@Keith21k the hate isn't what I see. It's just an app. What I see is a pack mentality, and that's basically the equivalent to a low intelligence.
But they do enjoy practicing their new trendy rips like:
NoMoBbry: BBM... Asshats
PwndDroid: This^
I simply don't know anyone who uses BBM or even a blackberry anymore for that matter. The one person I do know with a blackberry has realized that the D and R aren't as important as she once thought. They were sometimes unreliable and during a back and forth conversation, not necessary. Sometimes they made things worse by people using the preview screen to read a message, then never opening the message (some did this puposely). The sender then thinks the recipient didn't read it. Besides, who are we messaging here where we need 'proof' of a text being read? This ain't court. People will respond when they can, no matter if they read it immediately or in 3 or 4minutes.
That being typed... I will try it out with my ONE friend on a blackberry. It will never bring me back to a blackberry nor will I ever pay to use it.
Lastly, security. Come on now. Feds and in some cases State Police have the technology to grab your data straight from the device. Encrypted or not. Besides, nobody cares who your having sex with to pay the amount of money it would take to decrypt your average decryption software. So unless you're committing corporate espionage, planning to become James Bond or you're Brad Pitt plotting to steal the Mona Lisa... what is it that everyone believes is so important to keep secure? Here's the best security. Can't be beat. Shush your fingers and you speak face to face in a crowded area with background noise and cover your mouth whilst speaking in a very low voice very close to the persons ear. Here's another solution if your cohorts are in California and you're in Barcelona... Get a pigeon.

SwiftKey'd from my Bohemoth Note2

Who have they got working on this app, the Duke Nukem Forever development team?

I'll admit that I'm interested in having a look at it, but I'm less interested than I was last month. Here are my questions and concerns:

Will BBM offer a compelling reason to switch, not only for me but also for the people I communicate with?

How does BlackBerry plan to make money off this? Are they going to make this a free service at first and then tell everyone they'll have to pay? It's going to have to get funded one way or another.

Will the company even be around in a year, and, if it goes under, what will happen to BBM?

Just in time! BlackBerry should just be able to see the boat they missed crossing over the horizon as they sprint red faced to the dock.

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I'm pulling for BlackBerry. I don't want any company to "die" Competition fuels innovation and we as users win in the end.

Unless of course you get your kicks off of spewing hate and take offense when someone else uses a different device than you because it fits their needs.

Pulling for you BlackBerry, my suggestion is get rid of ALL of upper management and start fresh.

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Dude, you've completely got me wrong. I don't want BB to fail either, I actually like the Z10, and any situation where thousands of people lose their jobs sucks. But this is too little too late their arse is in the fire and this won't pull it out, will you be using bbm over hangouts, whatsapp, viber, fb messenger et al?

Don't brand me a hater for flippantly reading the writing on the wall. /defensive rant lol

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BBM has over 60 million active users on blackberry devices alone. With a company that has only 3% global market share I'd say that's a good start. Android had more than 70% market share. You do the math.

Regardless of what the naysayers would have you belive, given the numbers that tried to download the legimate version last time, the answer is probably still YES.

Sure, a lot of people will download it. And many, if not most, will mess around with it for a bit like any new toy, and then forget about it or uninstall it becausethey don't know anyone else that uses it.

I reckon it's gonna be the same situation as Facebook home, 1,000,000,000,000 downloads and 32 active users. (Okay, maybe both those numbers should be divided by 10 :p )

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Always liked BBM but never used a bb before, can't wait for it. But also they let us down way way down. Hope they will not this time...

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Has it been released yet? 5 days after it was gonna be released " within days " ?

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