soak test

Anytime is a good time for a quick soak, but the sooner the better

Members of the Motorola Feedback Network in good standing and using an AT&T branded Moto X are getting the best email ever this evening. The soak test for the AT&T version of the Moto X is soon beginning, and we all know what that means.


KitKat as far as the eye can see. Soon you wont be able to shake a Moto X without hitting some KitKat. And we love it.

When things begin, we'll let you know. We're thinking it will be soon. 

Thanks Anons!


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AT&T Moto X soak test is starting, let the KitKat begin


Got the KitKat update on my Verizon Moto X the other day and LOVE IT! I am now impatiently waiting for Google Wallet to update so I can actually use the tap and pay feature without sideloading a usable Google Wallet APK.

Check the play store. I just got an update and it let me keep tap to pay. I haven't tried it but it installed and setup correctly.

That's actually what I did, and that's not something I ever do

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Glad to see this so quickly. Gives hope to a speedy note 3 update once they are ready.

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This has no reflection on how fast the note 3 will be updated , IMO.

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Wait. You're serious?

I'm sure they will roll the update out quickly once they are ready.

In 4-5 months.

The Note 3 has a lot of great things going for it, but Samsung=/=speedy updates.

WOAH WOAH! Slow down there a little, buddy! You Samsung guys just got your 4.3 update and you already want another? Kinda greedy, don't ya think?


Got my wife a Vzw moto x last week. Can't believe she got kitkat before my n10 did. Its awesome

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Got my wife a Vzw moto x last week. Can't believe she got kitkat before my n10 did. Its awesome

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Neither my Nexus 4 nor 7 have received it, yet. Big woop, lol.

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I'm with you, patiently waiting.

Personally, I think it's cool that Google is addressing the frag issues that apple loves to criticize (they gotta bitch about something huh?). Giving quick updates to android users of other devices other than nexus will generate more brand loyalty for them, and a shiny new os for the user. It's a winner winner chicken dinner for everyone!!!! Now if only they could give nexus 4/7 owners quick updates and all would be well.....sorry had to go there. :-P

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I don't understand the fury on this issue, what was Google supposed to do force Motorola to wait? I feel like if you're buying a Nexus phone just to get the update before other people you're buying for the wrong reasons. ( for the record, I can tell your post is tongue in cheek)

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Ha! Funny, but seriously, where is mine at?

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Dear Sprint,

Patiently waiting for KitKat...

Losing My Patience

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I'm actually surprised that Sprint hasn't gotten anything yet, no leak or soak test. They're normally one of the first.

Patiently waiting too. =]

Looks like, on the Moto Support Forum, there are lots of Kit Kat / Moto x growing pains. Poor battery life. Broken voice search... I think I might wait. The phone works so well now, no sense going off and breaking something that isn't broke.

I have an AT&T moto x and a vzw Moto X and my vzw moto x that was updated to kit kat my battery is insane. I am getting easily a day and a half out of the battery and let's just say I am in the field all day using my phone.

The good part about this is how quickly manufacturers have suddenly jumped onto kitkat. That really brings hope to keeping the ecosystem more up to date, other than Google play services

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They're jumping on KitKat updates now because they know Google will push Motorola to get updates out quickly. That spells danger for the other OEMs because they know their customers will jump ship to Motorola for the best updates if they don't step up their game.

There's a reason why they were concerned and nervous about Google's acquisition last year. That reason is they can't be lazy anymore with Android.

I think HTC and Motorola see it as a way they can differentiate themselves from Samsung and other manufacturers that take a long time to update (looking at you LG). Not everyone is in a situation where they can get a Nexus, but every major carrier has the Moto X and the HTC One. If the update speed (especially from Motorola) and less intrusive skins (relative to TouchWiz, and again, especially from Motorola)make these viable "Nexus alternatives" you'll build good will with the techy crowd, and they will recomend your devices to their family and friends. Word of mouth can be powerful. Heck, I got my brother and sister-in-law to switch to Windows Phone 8 by saying good things about it when they asked me about it, and I didn't even mean to (they both have had unusually bad luck with both Android and iOS devices).

Motorola also keeps the skinning/bloat to a minimum, which speeds up the update process. Samsung on the other hand has almost as much bloat as OS.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Happy to see moto basically running the android show right now and not Samsung. Love all their products but moto definetly on top right now with their moves.

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Yeah, this is the first time the spotlight of Android is not on Samsung Galaxy or the Nexus devices.

How long does it take for the SOAK test to start once the emails come out ?

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Do they soak test T-Mobile version? That version is carrier free and unlocked. Hopefully they push it directly and are not waiting for T-Mobile because they got nothing to do with this phone.

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And don't forget Motorolas easter egg. Kinda cool

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I can't wait, my phone is waiting for some Kit Kat goodness

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Somebody let me know when its packaged .zip style.


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Cool, but where is kit kat for my nexii 4?! I always get it last. Bet everyone with a moto x will get the 4.4 love before I do. And I'm not sideloading anything. I shouldn't have to.

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Im wondering this myself. Soak test like what they soak it in water or something

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It is a test roll out to make sure that the update goes well and they also have the opportunity to use more people to hunt down any bugs they may have missed. There are too many variables that Motorola can't account for and let people sign up for the soak test to be their guinea pig.

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