A quick heads up for all you HTC One X owners on AT&T — as expected, the phone has started receiving its update to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 5.0. It's a big update for the One X, bringing a whole new user interface similar to that of the current HTC One family. Aside from general UI overhaul there's the new Sense home screen with HTC BlinkFeed, an updated Gallery and Camera UI, and automatic video highlights.

HTC's got a full breakdown of which Sense 5 features you will and won't get on the One X — and the One X+, which has already been updated — over on its update site.

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AT&T HTC One X Android 4.2 + Sense 5.0 update now rolling out


Just how they roll it out. Usually there isn't a rhyme or reason

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never heard of it but I am assuming he is talking about the groupings they use to ok the rollout of the update

I checked manually earlier today, and received an update, but it turned out to be some kind of small point release. It was only about 18MB in since, and I'm still on 4.1.1 and Sense 4, so I don't know what was about.

Time travel software updates, lol, that's funny!

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If I set my clock back can I get donut?

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Yes the clock trick works! We got the 519mb update 4.2.2 here we come!!!!!

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You only needed 2 articles about the HTC one x and 4.2. One for the announcement and another for the release. 4 in 4 days is excessive IMHO.

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Oh? I didn't know you were an Editor-in-chief for your own site!? Why don't you stop what you're doing and show us how it's done!?

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From the ATT forums: No specific time is going to be given for the rollout. It also happens sequentially by some formula that probably only HTC/AT&T have details about (region/account number/zodiac sign?) as obviously they do not want to crash the system with a bunch of people trying to download it at the same time. Its probably safe to say that its impossible to know exactly when its "okay" to check for it

It's a 537MB Download - FYI
Just got mine :) Over to experimenting

Got the 16g, tried setting clock ahead and still get check back in 48 hrs. What gives???

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Yes the clock trick works! We got the 519mb update 4.2.2 here we come!!!!!

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Ok this is how y I u get the update now.

1. Click on ATT software update
2. Change the date up one day
3. Click on ATT software update (again)
4. Enjoy 4.2.2 :)

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It is indeed. Also, if your download stalls (mine did at 30%), toggle Wi-Fi or Airplane Mode and it should start up again.

So not only do they screw you by giving you a lower version that won't work with Google's Auto Awesome movies, they screw you by leaving out Zoe movies as well.

I hope they fix the bugs soon. When you rotate from portrait to landscape, it's fine, but when you rotate back from landscape, nothing happens. You have to escape back to the desktop or main screen. By the way I've had it since mid January.

I'm pretty sure my dad got this update a week or two ago (Denmark). Or am I totally mistaken? At least he got an OTA update that gave him a very different UI on his HTC One X which takes him some time to get used to, so I figured it must have been this. Must check his phone more closely the next time I meet him :-)

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Tried the change date, but didn't work. Tells me to check back in 48 hrs. I have tried everything set clock 3-4days ahead tells me no updates available. Guess just have to wait. Any other suggestions?

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Anybody have any other suggestions. I have done everything that I have read on comments and it says try back in 48 hrs. The clock thing doesn't work for me.

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Rolling up the date worked for me, but I had to do it twice. First time got me the 16mb update. After applying that update and rebooting, I had to roll up the date again to get the 539mb update. I'm loving the update so far..some pretty nice changes.

When I check for the update I don't even get a message telling me to check back in 48 hours. It just stops checking. Is that normal???

Got the update, wish I could go back. It's pretty ugly, and not that useful. For example, where did the agenda list on calendar go? Now you can only see one day at a time under agenda. Ridiculous. The only good thing about it, is that it's faster. Disappointed with overall design and look.

I am using an unlocked at&t one X on a different carrier overseas. Will that prevent the phone from getting the update? I have tried the clock trick, doesnt seem to work.

That's my case too. Moving the date doesn't work for me either. But I think that we'll also get the update since I was able to get the previous update.

Still can't get upgrade. Tried everything set clock ahead and everything else. Keep telling me. Check back in 48 hrs. No matter what I do can't get update.

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Me neither :( I don'teven get a message telling me to check back or anything at all... :(

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If you're not on AT&T, that is, on a simunlocked phone, try temporarily deleting your APNs. That helped me. Now im at least receiving a message telling me that there are no updates and that my phone will check back in 48 hrs.

Mine stalled at 27%. When I closed and restarted, a button press wouldn't restart the download, and a date change didn't help either.

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i still can't receive this update when ever I check for software updates the loading window shows up that says it is searching for an update and then disappears and nothing else happens

I noticed developer options was missing after the 4.2.2 update. Not sure if it's been posted anywhere or if anyone even cares, but here's how I got them back. Go to settings > about > software info > more and tap build number 5 times. Found this while unsuccessfully trying to get the beanflinger daydream...oh well.