ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 Jelly Bean

Some good news out of the ASUS camp this morning, as it appears the Transformer Pad TF300 is in the midst of getting its promised update to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Erckul and prissysox in our forums are leading the way on this one, noting that you're warned Adobe Flash is no longer working (but you knew that already), and that apparently Wifi Direct took a hit as well.

The update appears to only be over-the-air at the moment, so keep an eye out.

Source: Transformer Pad TF300 forums; more: ASUS support

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Firespyer says:

Hoping for a TF201 update soon <3 Asus

gdmacdo says:

Asus has been amazing with their updates. Patiently waiting for the TF201 upgrade also with great faith it will be here soon.

appswhat says:

Not that they SHOULD EVER remove features, but what was the point of wifi direct anyway? I've never found any use for it.

Jeff Kibuule says:

Directly send data between two devices over the WiFi radio without a previously existing network in place.

Shadowriver says:

Wifi that works like a bluetooth :> evolution of AdHoc Wifi

SRN7 says:

Why didn't the TF300 get N.F.C.s "bump" feature :(

Raikon says:

nice! hopefully the 3G version also

turdbogls says:

Downloading mine right now!

knightfall says:

I'm considering this as my first Android tablet. Has this hit Canada yet?

gtanner00 says:

not in Canada yet surprizingly. Hoping for later today or tomorrow. Not really sure as this is my first OTA update

still1 says:

Nexus 7 is there... made by Asus as well.

Graham Neill says:

The simple answer is "no". We have a different build than the US. Ours starts with "WW" where the US buils starts guessed it..."US". Most Americans are totally oblivious to their largest trading partner. Ask Bloomberg.

spaided says:

Got my update....faster MUCH!!!!

JDMR777 says:

Just finished downloading on my TF300

bsharitt says:

And still no official Jelly Bean for the CDMA Galaxy Nexus. They should really take the "Nexus" out of those names and sell them as something else. Samsung Galaxy S 2.5?

Erckul says:

+1 !!! having to unlock and flash a ROM is simple enough, but we should not have to do that. I'm ditching Verizon as soon as my contract is up. GSM all the way from now on.

still1 says:

dont blame google for that... its verizon and sprint holding off the update.

Can't follow a walkthrough or figure out a toolkit? It's been available for at least a month whats the point of owning a Nexus if you can't unlock it and do it yourself, my 5 year old could do it

jmarkey77 says:

Posting from JB on my TF300T! It even kept my instalation of flash, woop woop. So far better in just about every way, and I have to say chrome isn't a lot better but the stock browser very much is. Considering swapping the use of Dolphin Pad for the default browser as my browser of choice.

makailey3111 says:

Anyone have the download to JB in Canada yet?

sRedwolf says:

I'm in Canada and mine is not finding the update either. So looks like it's not available here yet.

benoror says:

Hey ppl, I got the update but after finished downloading an error appeared: Update failed, restoring conf to last version blah blah. I rebooted the device but it says there's no longer an update available for my device. My Tf300t is Rooted, i only disabled some system apps, could that be the problem? Any ideas? Thanks!

No build.prop edits? How did you disable the apps? Titanium or the App Info screen? If you disabled the apps through App Info, there shouldn't be a problem. I've updated with disabled apps in the past. If you used Titanium to freeze them, that may be the problem.

Jotokun says:

Awesome. Hope it isnt long before this hits the TF700.

Amazing, almost as fast as a Nexus. Kudos to Asus.

Joe H. says:

The only downside with Jelly Bean for me so far is no HBO GO support and many of the streaming services like that, sunday ticket, etc. Which for me is my favorite feature in my tablets. I flashed Jelly Bean to my kindle fire but went back to ICS for those features. Hopefully more apps get updated to Jelly Bean soon, so I can use my TF300 more. I love the speed though

SRN7 says:

Brilliant! +1

The TF201 came first....wth


err, My TF101 was the first Transformer. Look for our updates shortly. Asus is pretty good about backwards support patches.

makailey3111 says:

Well any Canadians download it yet? Still nothing in B.C

Vagrant_1 says:

Hope my TF700 is soon

mcalr3 says:

How long is it going to take for them to update the WW firmware? I'm in UK and I still don't have the update... Looks like its just US firmware for now :(

tweiler says:

Installed JB on my TF300 and it is fast. However, I have seen a couple of spontaneous reboots. I use the keyboard. Last night I closed it up expecting it would go in to standby. This morning both batteries were totally gone. Anyone else seeing strange behavior?