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Our Dutch is a little rusty, but we sure do know how to say "thin."

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Gekko says:

looks tiny!

sloked says:

I dont think this person has ever held a smartphone before. so frustrating watching someone repeting the same actions over again and not showcasing the functionality of ICS. At least use the multitasking button!

so smooth, need this today on my Nexus S :D

SunSdk1020 says:

So far looks good :)

jetsaredim says:

FC much?

Jet300 says:

Yeah, exactly what I was thinking.... Hopefully is just an app thats not ready to go yet. Like something from the market that doesn't like playing with ICS yet.

Jason Syn says:

I don't think those were FC's, they looked like certificate errors or something.

gujupmp88 says:

was just about to say this. FC errors have only 2 options. Kill or Report. this had 3 options. Probably, No/View/Continue. Probably clicked the browser and got a bunch of certificate errors.

Stagger0 says:

Actually there is a force close option with 3 selections, Force Close, Wait, and Report. Its the time out FC.

He was in the browser they were certificate warnings

Wooo... like looking at the face of almighty GOD... the screen is soo bright... I had to shield my eyes...

grundyman says:

its not that deep homeboy

ricardor973 says:

That's sweet. I want ICS on my Xoom.

RipTide says:

That was just amazing, silky smooth movement around the OS, super thin as well. Gah why did my Storm 2 have to die so early and make me get the Bionic! >.<

OMFG can't wait!

Realist says:

is it just me or does anyone else think this guy must have GIANT hands

erwaso says:

i thought the same thing. 4.65 is fat! who ever is holding it does have huge hands!

fargles says:

needs a vertical scrolling app drawer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seanp666 says:

I like the OS as a whole but I loathe that hideous teal color that rear's its ugly head in the different apps.

jerbear says:

I loathe those extraneous apostrophes that rear their ugly heads in forum posts.

vinny jr says:

Doesn't anyone know how to use a damn phone?

I wish I was there....

jarays212 says:

I'm slightly worried now...Droid Razr is looking better than this.

MrMercedes says:

Its set to private

cheburashka says:

yeah too bright.

cheburashka says:

double post...

84guy says:

awe man i must of just missed it :(

alexnaoumi says:

looks nice, cant wait to get it on my evo3d

What happened

xZeDgEx says:

"This video is private"

muscal says:


koolbon says:

Private? that sucks. ;)

xx_blam_xx says:

I missed it! :(

cesarb says:

NOOOOOO!!!! It's private..... :(

violent23 says:

In the time it took to post this article no one thought to copy it? Wasn't there an app in the list of "Android Central Editors' app picks" for this week to copy Youtube videos? Way to stay on top of things.

gujupmp88 says:

calm down people, in 1.5 - 2 hours you will see it straight from Google/Samsung...

Timokreon says:

Never mind.. I saw the whole thing. Just a weird way to implement the buttons.. looked like a double set.

cdf3 says:

I have it cached in my Boat Browser before it was pulled. So I'm still able to view it on my Android phone. Can't find a way to save the file though.

cdf3 says:

mgiusto says:

I saw the clip before it went private and it didn't wow me. I was on fence about picking up a SGSII or the Galaxy Nexus. I will still wait to hear the details of the Nexus tonight but based on what I saw in this vid I am strongly leaning towards picking up the SGSII tomorrow. I'm on T-Mobile and the wait for this on Tmo may not be worth the wait... I'll know more in T-Minus 1 hour 50 minutes...

youareme7 says:

Nuts, I heard him say "funf" megapixel then also heard him say "ach" megapixel. That doesn't clear things up at all!

DetunedNoise says:

I can only affirm!! They spoke german and they said that the camera was only 5 Megapixel instead of 8 Megapixel!! o.O

Masheen says:

I thought the Chinese know how to film better than that!

pantos says:

so... funf or arch?? (5 or 8 in german)
some german people around??

DetunedNoise says:

Yes! They said in german "Surprisingly it's only 5 Megapixel instead of 8"

patsydamico says:

Im not very impressed with the vid. Once my gs2 gets ics i wont feel like i got the wrong phone

moosc says:

Thus nothing more then a hyped up stripped down galaxyS2. Put both phones side by aide in store and S2 will out sell it by a mile. Google should have stuck to there guns and made a pure devoloer phonejust like original nexus.

jrenner says:

How is this not a developer phone?
plus it's an upgraded version of GSII cuz you get raw android and actual timely updates.

jrenner says:

--Accidental double-post--

turbofan says:

This phone corrects the largest problem with the GS2: Screen resolution. The GS2 is an awesome phone but 800 X 480 is just not enough little dots for that size of screen! The HD resolution is going to be awesome. The only thing that makes a developer phone is that it's vanilla android and that IT'S THE ONE USED BY DEVELOPERS. That's it.

tonyv69 says:

Engadget made a copy...they have it up on thier site.

mr.holtz says:

Freaking Germans can't get anything right....