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Fashion watch company Android is getting into the wearables game with their own smart watch design

Android as a brand is used for more than just smartphones. One case where this is true is a small company that designs and sells moderately priced watches that feature bold, industrial design. They've been around a while, and have a considerable number of fans among "watch geeks" — including yours truly. 

I've been waiting for some company like Android to build a smart watch compatible with our Android phones since I first saw the Pebble. It looks like that's going to be soon, as the Android SmartWatch is said to be coming in December. The quick first look we see in the above image, and in the video after the break, aren't exactly the awe-inspiring design I was waiting for, but hopefully the price will be right and the functionality will be at least equal to the better units we see today. 

We'll know more when they tell us more, In the meantime, there's a video after the break that shows it off a bit, including the Galaxy S4 it's being used with. 

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Android's SmartWatch will be Android compatible; coming this December


Another new SmartWatch to launch this week is the SmartQ Z-Watch for $154 -- and in the U.S. is available through -- Tablet Sprint

SmartQ in 2013 won the prestigious 2013 CTIA E-Tech Award for the world's first tablet with a DLP Projector and the new SmartQ Z-Watch offers another innovative product that outmatches the popular Pebble, which features only a monochrome display -- the Z-Watch offers a full color screen as well as a new low-power Ingenic JZ4775 processor -- specifically geared toward SmartWatches for super longlasting battery life...

Product Highlights of the new Z-SmartWatch include: displaying all of your phones incoming calls and texts as well as contacts and calendar; a Color 1.54-inch display; a built-in motion sensor; and a pedometer for health that keeps track of walking and running stats. Other features include an MP3 music player that works easily with wireless earphones so all you need is a watch and earphones in place of an iPod type device; connection to internet via Wifi and via Bluetooth to your phone; and a battery offering 300 hours of Standby Time - along with BlueTooth 4.0 with low battery consumption - a key advantage compared to the new Sony watch which offers only Bluetooth 3.0, which isn't anywhere near as energy efficient.

Tablet Sprint is the first North America reseller of the Z-Watch and has complete product details; and also offers a variety of price-competitive Android tablets to launch in November.

Good lord. That is hideous. These companies seem to forget that the only reason that most people wear watches is fashion. If they want to add functionality that's fine, but retain some semblance of elegance

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I wear my watch for functionality, not fashion. And it isn't even a smartwatch.

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Well I wear a watch for functionality too, but as most people only need to be able to read the time/set an alarm, and that all watches have these functionalities, the only reason one person would choose a watch over another is fashion/aesthetic tastes (except for special purposes, of course).

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But then again this watch is 90% function and not for those who only want to see the time date and set an alarm...

Sure. But Seanjenkins wrote 'most people'. As smartwatches are not widespread yet, I figured out he was talking about classic watches.
But at some point, all the smartwatches will have the same features, and it will come to fashion again, with an additional factor though: smartphone compatibility/interaction.

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I used to have an Android watch back in '05, but lost it at a pool party. Is Android the wrist watch maker tied in any way to Google Android? Or are they separate companies like I thought?

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So a company called Android is making an Android-compatible watch? Hmmm… I thing there might be a lawsuit if Google makes a Nexus Watch (Nexus 2?)

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Hope not. Would hate to see Google have to change the name of their OS now that they are building a watch and coming close to infringing on this older trademark.

Right in time for the biggest Patent War of All Time. Now that Rockstar has just opened up a patent infringement lawsuit against Google and it's Partners. It seems they bought all the patents just to sue Google.

If this is in fact real I must say.. Fail. Here's a novel idea; Perhaps combine nice traditional watch design with the display. One of my favorite watches of all time is a seiko/pulsar with regular hands And a full digital display behind it that can be hidden completely.

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We will never see this device. Android is a brand of Google, so unless this company got licensing to that name, good luck when the largest software company takes them to court and wins.

Google's Android is the newer. It would be Google that would have to change.

Android watches started in 1991.

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Android as a watch brand was established in the early 90s and has just as much right to use the word for its smart watches as Google has using it for their OS. It would be an interesting court case but I doubt Google would win; especially if the watch doesn't actually function using the Android OS.

I doubt Google would sue first, and even if the watch maker sued them over the eventual Nexus watch or whatever they'd probably just reach some sorta agreement... This isn't the first time this has happened you know.

Apple wasn't the first Apple on the block either, the Beatles' record label had been called Apple for decades before Apple started making computers, and they sued, and they reached an agreement where Apple could use the name for anything that wasn't media related...

Then Apple broke said agreement when they got into the online music business, which kept the Beatles' music from iTunes for a few years until a new round of lawsuits was resolved.

This watch company probably has more to gain from the tenuous connection thru the name than from suing Google anyway.

I have an android watch, love it. Be interesting to see what comes of this.

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It's so obvious that they're trying to use their name to mislead customers into thinking that they're related to Google's OS. Oh, and use it as free publicity.

Someone missed the point that Android the watch company has been around longer than Android the OS. They're very profitable, and pretty popular.

No, I saw your point. But a long history doesn't really matter when it's an extremely niche brand of watches. I've never heard of them before reading this nor ever met someone who's owned one. Quick google search for Android brings up no watch related results for 3+ pages. Popular watch stores like Macys don't carry it.

Their timing with Samsung's Galaxy Gear just being released seems way more than coincidence.

I was just over on G+. There's a post by the founder of Android watches. He was crying and saying he's going to fold his business because KTMKTM has never heard of him...sad day indeed

Free publicity and name recognition, certainly. But what would you propose that they do to avoid "misleading" customers?

you sound Ignorant.... Android has been a watch manufacturer its not like its some no name kick starter company. I own a few Android watches and they are nice. I wish people would quit saying there will be a lawsuit... there would have been one and google would have lost!!

Your all wrong. Android USA has been around since 1991, way before the Android operating system. They make some great time pieces and is based out of Florida, heck they have had a deal with ShopNBC now called ShopHQ for over 10 years and are the registered owners of the name Android. In fact, they have even sued Google, they trademarked Android in 1994. Now to be fair, they are not suing for the android OS, but just the way Google uses the words Android with watches. The suit was filed in CA several months ago, and I haven't heard any updated status.

The Gear is probably the most stylish out of them all, although yes expensive and lacking. Here is a novel idea if the smartwatch is to become the new thing in tech, how about having the base concept of a watch and then just add that functionality.

Meaning keep it Simple lol yet functional and stylish.

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The word android has been around for a couple hundred years, but I'm just gonna assume Google was first to trademark it and make some comment about how they're gonna sue this watch company and show the whole internets how ignorant I am :)

I feel really sorry my local artisan watchmaker Graham Oscar Ogle. His family have been making watches here since 1746 and they've all been called Graham Oscar. He also makes chain based armour, known locally as Mail.

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Eh, at least it has a mic. on it. The first smartwatch that has Holo style UI and one or more of these attributes I will actually show interest:
Holo Style UI (or one that compliments android)
a mic
E-link or Mirasol screen
Battery that lasts more than a week

Better but still no

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Think i may have a blast with the gear once the price drops to £100 ish or wait for the gear 2 if that is the name for the next iteration.

There is work to do to get this one as close right as it will ever be.

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I was waiting to see what Google came up with. Looks like I'll be ordering a Hot Smartwatch.

can't seem to edit my comment, so I wanted to clarify that I misread this article as it is not what I thought.

Guys I've owned Android watches far longer than Android phones, primarily because they have been around longer. I've dealt with and spoken with the owner of the watch company Wing Liang several times. He is a good and very honorable man. He works very hard and doesn't need advertisement from a lawsuit with Google. You would only hope Google provided as good customer service as Wing provides for his customers. Go to forums and read about Wing and his watches. Then go to the forums on here and read about problems people have with the getting responses from Google and their customer service. Don't get me wrong guys I love my Android phone but you really should learn more before bashing a good company and a true gentleman at the helm. Sorry for the rant, as far as the watch is concerned I don't particularly care for it. I doubt I will purchase it. That does not change my opinion of either company, both provide their customers with good products. Again sorry for the rant.

Wow and people said the Galaxy Gear was ugly, this is hideous !!!!

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Wow the 90's called they want their bulk, back.

They couldn't have made it sleeker? That thing is like taping your actual phone to your wrist.

I think these smart watches will be cool in 2-3 years (That is, if the fad even lasts that long)

I haven't warn watches in 10+ years. But I would actually wear one of these, if the price was reasonable, the functionality was their, and the aesthetics weren't an eye sore.

It will take a couple of generations. But I'm sure once Apple releases one, or should I say "Invents' one. The competition will kick up and it will all be better for the consumer.

Say what you want about Apple, but they actually do help push things forward, even if they do steal everything.

I'm still pretty happy with my MotoACTV & it's functionality. Gear & this Android watch have yet to impress me. I really hope Motorola & Google release newer revision of the MotoACTV next year.

Yeah I'd like to see a new MotoACTV from the new and slimmed down Moto... Though tbh, the Pebble is pretty close to what I want from a smartwatch. If it was any cheaper and/or had a better display I'd probably have one already. KISS should be like the primary design guideline for any of these things, or just, you know, do the opposite of Samsung.

I know it's difficult to get all that technology into something that isn't gaudy or too cumbersome...but if we want the functionality of a smartphone, with the convenience of "wearability" and power-sourcing from solar, motion, heat (etc.?), I'm afraid we'll have to settle for least until they figure out quantum and nano stuff, y'know? I'm just sayin...


Which box of cereal is this coming in?

I don't think you could make a watch look more cheap than this.

The watch is ugly but if its priced at like $50 or $100 they will clean up on sales during Christmas season

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