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The back-and-forth between the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet continues, with the former this morning announcing that it will have Hulu Plus and ESPN ScoreCenter when it launches next week. That means the Kindle Fire will have the three major video content services -- Amazon, Netflix and now Hulu Plus -- which certainly is quite the selling point.


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Amazon says Kindle Fire also will have Hulu Plus and ESPN


But, don't you need subscriptions to use these things? This just seems like bloat to me. If I wanted them I would download the apps from the market. Or, do you not need subscriptions for those services if you buy a Kindle Fire?

I hope no one is naive to think that they didnt put ESPN in there simply for the name. No one releases devices today and announces they have a app to check sports scores... clearly they are trying to draw from the brand. weak imo considering what the app actually does. Very inconsequential.

I can already watch Amazon streaming video on my gTablet with my Prime membership. I would think any Android device (including the Nook tablets) could as long as they have Flash installed. It does make me wonder if they are going to come out with a native app, though, instead of bringing up the website.

I am waiting for the "Fooled you...there is an SD card slot's not'll need to wait for a future BUT free update!!!"

Sounds more like " Me too! Me too!" The initial Nook Tablet release stated that it included Netflix and Hulu Plus. Amazon is accessible via the web, and as stated earlier, ESPN ScoreCenter does not have video content. It shows scores. Period. The question will be how the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire handle apps and which apps will be available. Those questions will be answered next week when they start shipping. If there's problems (or not) I'll bet that it won't be 2 weeks before there will be custom roms ready for both for those of us who want true android honeycomb or ice cream.
(patiently waiting for my Nook Tablet)